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Instral is specialist in developing, manufacturing and supplying chemicals/additives for the petrochemical industry.

With almost twenty years of extensive experience in research & development, Instral is unique in creating and realizing innovative Total Treatment Solutions.

More about our oil solutions
Instral Oil Products

unique chemical product line

C-Force® Products

C-Force® the unique range of products developed by INSTRAL

More about C-Force® oil products

A unique mud treatment

The C-Force® mudtreatment is for each type of oil-based mud quality INSTRAL BV has a specific treatment program consisting of one or multiple products in the C-Force® series. 

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A solutions for every customer

C-Force® Products

Applicable situations

  Crude oil Waste oil Vegetable oil Mud
Cloud point improvers
Corrosion inhibitors
H2S scavengers
Mercaptan scavengers
Cetane number improvers


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